This Is Why Man Discovered Fire

You may think barbecue season has just begun. And it’s true that July is National Grilling Month. For the diehards of the grill, though, the barbecue season never ends.

Harris Interactive polling finds half its respondents saying they grill at least a few times a month, including 23 percent who do so “at least once a week.” And among those who ever grill, 39 percent said they do so all year long. Boomers and Gen Xers are the most avid grillers, with 60 percent of the survey’s 44-62-year-olds and 59 percent of its 32-43s saying they grill at least a few times a month, as did 41 percent of those age 18-31 and 35 percent of those 63-plus. Among people who grill at all, 49 percent of boomers and 41 percent of Xers said they do it all year long. The same is true for 40 percent of 63-plus grillers and 23 percent of those 18-31.

Offered a menu of choices and asked to pick the two foods they like best as barbecue fare, respondents gave steak the most mentions (56 percent), with hamburgers as runner-up (47 percent). Fewer cited chicken (38 percent), hot dogs (16 percent), sausage (12 percent), vegetables (10 percent) or fish (6 percent).

Women were more likely than men to include vegetables among their two favorites (14 percent vs. 6 percent); men were more likely than women to include sausage (15 percent vs. 8 percent).