Why Latinos Love Milk

LOS ANGELES The California Milk Processor Board has launched a documentary-style Spanish-language TV campaign that addresses issues faced by Latinos.

Created by Anita Santiago Advertising in Santa Monica, Calif., four 30-second TV spots cover topics such as working moms, living in tough economic times, health concerns and less family time. Spending on the campaign, which will run through 2003, is just over $3 million.

One spot, “No Time to Cook,” opens with a Latino woman who says she has two jobs, three kids and little time to cook. While she can’t make meals from scratch every day, she says she makes up for it by preparing her favorite recipes each weekend with her kids, including a three-milk cake, chocolate pudding and milk gelatin.

The ads retain the tagline, “Familia, amor y leche,” which translates to “Family, love and milk.”

“The new campaign elevates milk above soft drinks, juices and bottled waters,” said Jeff Manning, executive director of the CMPB in Berkeley, Calif. “It honors the unique role milk plays in Latino lives.”

The TV spots are airing on Univision and Telemundo networks in California. They will also be offered to dairy groups nationwide.

The CMPB has run a separate Spanish-language TV campaign since 1994, a year after launching its general-market “Got milk?” campaign. Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco is the client’s general-market agency.