Why Google and Facebook Are Uniquely Positioned to Control How Marketing Evolves

Bloomberg sales chief notes measured approach, for now

As the drum beat on media personalization grows louder and more urgent, Keith Grossman, head of sales, Americas for Bloomberg, kicks off his tour of duty at CES 2016 charting the increasing influence Facebook and Google have on connected consumer conversations.

Both mega media platforms, in Grossman's estimation, have the most access to what consumers are doing from a logged-on perspective and therefore are uniquely and powerfully positioned to control how marketing will evolve.

"They are doing it in a manner that is not overly intrusive, but in a stepped and logical manner," he says, adding that they clearly have the ability to "overwhelm the consumer" but have been savvy enough to launch marketing programs that "feel additive to what the consumer wants."

Grossman is also intrigued by the notion that wearables that don't soon vanish from users' wrists, fingers and clothes will be rendered obsolete.