Why Are Audi and Pirelli Tires Making Stylish Italian Clothes?

Outerwear designed to boost brand's image

German carmaker Volkswagen is once again looking to Italy to bulk up its portfolio, according to The Wall Street Journal.

After purchasing luxurious Lamborghini and the motorcycle company Ducati over the years, Volkswagen is now pairing its luxury Audi line with Pirelli tires to create some sweet duds in a joint merchandising venture.

Pirelli has been making clothing for years and has a store in Milan's famous shopping district. Now it will design outerwear for the German car brand, including a jacket, scarf and hat, which will all be available through Audi and in the Pirelli store.

The tire brand already has its own line of products called PZero, which launched in 2002. Featuring rubber as a material, the line includes shirts, rubber boots and rain jackets. The jacket in the joint project is called "Audi Powered by PZero." It plays off the design of Audi cars, with diamond stitching reminiscent of Audi's RS models and an Audi logo on the jacket's interior.

In the past, Audi and Pirelli have worked together on more traditional automotive pairings—think Pirelli tires on Audi's top models, namely the RS6 and RS7.

Audi is among the latest car manufacturers to debut a line of products in an effort to expand its brand, rather than simply boost car sales. Ferrari has an extensive range that begins with key chains, as does Porsche.

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