The Who’s Roger Daltrey on music and branding

By Eleftheria Parpis

Rock legend Roger Daltrey, the 65-year-old singer of the Who, joined promoter Harvey Goldsmith for a panel at Cannes on Thursday, sponsored by Young & Rubicam, in which they reminisced about their careers and spoke about how the Who built its mega-brand. "Very early on in our career, we realized the only way we would get noticed was daring to be different," Daltrey said. The singer talked about the making of the rock opera and musical Tommy and why The Who Sell Out is one of his favorite albums. Watch the seminar here. In the video above, he talks with Adweek at the Majestic hotel about music and branding, his influences, the secret to his longevity, which Who song he'd like to see in a commercial and what he's doing next.