WHO left THE DOGS in?

The Star Group has created a new print campaign for Jake’s Dog House that takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to pampered canines.

The Cherry Hill, N.J.-based shop’s first work for the client, a retail chain that offers unusual products for dogs—and their owners—broke earlier this month.

One ad shows a cartoon dog grimacing under the copy, “You’ve been on vacation for only a week. But remember, that’s 7 weeks in dog years.”

Another ad shows the dog, this time with a cheery smile, under the copy, “After all the wonderful little presents your dog has left for you, isn’t it time you returned the favor?” The tagline is, “Cool stuff for cool dogs.”

“Anybody who has a dog can relate [to the work],” said Jan Talamo, agency chief creative officer, adding that the goal of the work is to be “offbeat” and convey the “essence of the master brand” to consumers.

The “vacation” ad targets tourists (who often buy items for their pets on the road) and is running in the Baltimore Guest Informant; the other ad is running in local publications.

The retailer has sites in the Philadelphia region and Baltimore.