Who Has the Tougher Time?

For whom is it harder “to get ahead in today’s world” — women or blacks? A Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll posed that question in the midst of a survey on the current presidential campaign (including Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s prospects in it). Overall, respondents split nearly evenly between those saying women have a tougher time (29 percent) and those saying blacks do (27 percent), with 25 percent saying “both,” 15 percent “neither” and 5 percent “don’t know.” Among female respondents, 34 percent said women have a tougher time getting ahead, vs. 25 percent saying blacks do (while 23 percent said “both” and 13 percent said “neither”). Among black respondents, 41 percent said blacks have a tougher time and 28 percent said women do (while 24 percent said “both” and just 4 percent said “neither”).