White Sox Put Account in Play

CHICAGO Major Leaague Baseball’s Chicago White Sox franchise has placed its advertising account in review, a team representative confirmed.

It was unclear if the club’s three-year incumbent agency, independent Two by Four, would defend.

The team is soliciting inquiries from shops until mid-July, at which point a group of contenders will be selected, according to the rep. The client requires all bidding agencies to have a local presence.

A call to the incumbent was not immediately returned.

The team’s most recent campaign attempted to reclaim the attitude from the club’s recent World Series run. Billboards, newspapers and television ads said the team was going “Back to the grind.” One billboard featured the headline, “We haven’t won since ’05. Time to end the drought.”

A later campaign referenced the fact that more people watched or attended White Sox games than those of their North Side rivals, the Cubs. The effort was tagged, “We are Chicago baseball.” One spot showed pitcher Jose Contreras going through his windup in slow-motion as on-screen text described the game situation and pitch speed. As he released the ball, the message “Anyone can habla a good game” appeared.

The shop also created a guerilla marketing campaign dubbed the “South Side Board of Tourism.” A Web site for the fictional board featured links to “Dining,” “Sights,” and “Family Fun,” all of which eventually led to the team’s homepage.