White Paper Examines ‘Advergaming’

Kpe, a New York-based i-shop specializing in media and entertainment work, has released today the first in a new bimonthly series of free “white paper” reports, called “Fast Forward,” featuring original research and analysis on digital media issues. The first report, “Can Advergaming be the Future of Interactive Advertising?” tracks the emerging trend of interactive gaming as advertising.

“Kpe has identified a key marketing tool that should be investigated by any company seeking stickier and more cost-effective interactive strategies,” said Matthew Ringel, vp of strategy at kpe and co-author of the report. The white paper uses interviews with industry leaders and case studies to illustrate how advergaming can combine “a compelling brand message with extensive capture of consumer demographic and preference data.”

Compared to banners ads, “[Advergaming] is definitely a more expensive way to go,” said Ringel. “But the value, the branding opportunity and the cost-to-response ratio is much higher. It can also be such a powerful tool for market research.” Ringel said the next report, due out in May, will focus on ways to use technology to improve ad sales processes, while July’s report will look at video on demand.

For a copy of “Can Advergaming be the Future of Interactive Advertising?” go to www.kpe.com, e-mail fastforward@kpe.com or call 212-652-9645.