White Mountain Shoes Run Into Fashion Mags

Wallwork Curry Ads Reflect Brand Attitude
BOSTON-White Mountain Shoes has stepped into the crowded footwear market with a fashionable new print campaign from Wallwork Curry.
Asking young women, “What mountain do you climb?” the ads portray “real” people outfitted in shoes that reflect their personality through their style preference.
The first execution in the series features an aspiring opera singer. Her shoe of choice? A bright-green Birkenstock-type sandal.
The print campaign marks a renewed commitment to advertising by the Newton, Mass.-based footwear maker, said Jack Wallwork, co-creative director at the Boston-based agency.
The moderately priced White Mountain brand, distributed primarily through department stores, has done little advertising in recent years. A print campaign produced last year by Wallwork Curry encouraged young female consumers to “get comfortable” with themselves. The current print effort, according to Wallwork, extends that theme.
“It’s attitudinal, of course, because it is fashion, but it is also a neat way to get their name into the identity,” Wallwork said.
Added co-creative director Bob Curry, “People buy [White Mountain] because they like the shoes. [The brand] relates to the kind of consumer who is free-thinking and free-spirited, who has accomplished something in their own right.”
The opera singer will be joined by young women identified in body copy as aspiring painters, musicians, business executives or photographers. They will be photographed sitting in a different chair and positioned above their favorite shoe, Curry said.
“It’s sort of a glimpse into their personality,” explained Wallwork, who added that the client’s target market is fashion-conscious young women and teenage girls.
The ads broke in current issues of fashion magazines such as Seventeen and Glamour and are scheduled to appear through the end of the year, said agency president Maureen McNamara, who is currently overseeing the account.
In addition to print advertising, Wallwork Curry has reshaped the footwear maker’s logo, crafting a peaked white mountain that accompanies the brand name.
Media spending for the current campaign was not disclosed. The client’s media spending was about a half-million dollars from January through October 1997, according to Competitive Media Reporting.