Which Cities Are Most Global?

These days, it’s hard for a big city to be disengaged from international commerce and culture. But some cities are more “global” than others, and a new report ranks the world’s major cities on different aspects of globalization. Formulated by consulting firm A.T Kearney, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and Foreign Policy magazine, the study puts New York atop the overall standings, followed by London, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Filling out the top 10: Los Angeles, Singapore, Chicago, Seoul and Toronto. Washington, D.C., is a near miss, at No. 11.

In the category of “business activity,” New York is again No. 1, followed by Tokyo, Paris, London and Hong Kong. Amsterdam, which doesn’t crack the overall top 20, stands at No. 10 in this ranking. In the “information exchange” category, Paris is rated the most global city, followed by Brussels, London, New York and Seoul.

When it comes to “human capital,” New York is No. 1, with London, Chicago, Los Angeles and Hong Kong completing the top five. Extending the predictably strong U.S. presence in this category, Boston checks in at No. 9. In the “cultural experience” standings, London is tops, followed by Paris, New York, Toronto and Los Angeles. Otherwise absent from the listings, Mexico City comes in at No. 9 in this category.

The U.S. has the top two cities on the “political engagement” list (Washington at No. 1, followed by New York). Also high on this roster are Brussels, Paris and London. Making their way into the top 10 in this category are Istanbul and Cairo.