Where’s His Moustache?

The Grim Reaper as a celebrity spokesman? The tagline, “Got death?”
That campaign, created by Young & Rubicam in San Francisco for Combat’s Quick Kill roach-elimination product, has drawn the ire of one ad professional, who calls the ads “repulsive.”
Stan Fine, principal at Fine Advertising Marketing & Design, spotted the ads on billboards in New York. The ad features a picture of the Reaper–complete with sickle–grasping the Combat product. Above him appear the words “Got death?”–a none-too-subtle reference to the American Dairy Association’s “Got Milk?” campaign, which features a variety of celebrities sporting milk moustaches.
Y&R created the campaign to “break through the clutter,” said Mike Goefft, account managing director at Y&R, adding that in creating the campaign, the agency spoke to people with roach problems. “This campaign expresses exactly what they would like to do to roaches.”
Y&R hasn’t received any complaints on the ads, Goefft said.
Other billboards, which all include the reaper, have taglines such as “Hey roaches, eat this” and, “Roaches, be afraid, be very afraid.” The campaign, launched in April, includes two TV spots. –Justin Dini