Where Everyone Is A Copywriter

Americans spend an estimated $500 million annually on personal ads in newspapers and magazines. For far less, Emily Calvo and Laurence Minsky will tell you how to write a good one.
Calvo and Minsky, who work at promotions agency Frankel & Co. in Chicago as a creative supervisor and a creative project manager, respectively, are the authors of 25 Words or Less, just published by Contemporary Books.
Not a rulebook, the tome “is a guide on how to creatively write an ad, evaluate responses and get results,” according to Minsky.
Calvo, who is single and admits to having penned a personal ad or two, said the book was designed to “give people practical information they could really use” on topics ranging from deciding whether to use personal ads to safety issues in case Mr. Right isn’t.
The book retails for $12.95. –Scott Hume