When Life Imitates Ads

During Haggman’s pitch of the DeScenza Diamonds business, agency executives presented a speculative TV spot in which a young man proposes to his beloved.
No real actors were involved; instead, Haggman art director Amy Farr and her boyfriend, Jake Borgman, volunteered for the roles.
The couple had been dating for three years with no talk of marriage. Shortly after shooting the spot, however, Borgman popped the question to a stunned Farr–with a diamond from DeScenza.
“I was so excited,” exclaimed Emily Haggman, executive vice president of the Manchester, Mass., shop. “I said, ‘It’s working already and it’s not even on TV yet!'”
Haggman said the agency would most likely reshoot the spot with real actors before it breaks in November, but the story line will remain the same.
The betrothed will tie the knot next June in Tuscany. –Sarah Jone