When Food Budgets Go on a Diet

With food prices rising, Americans want more caloric bang for their buck. A poll by Allrecipes.com, a social network for chowhounds, gives a look at how consumers plan to economize on food this fall.

Eighty-four percent of respondents to the survey (conducted in August and September) said they’ll prepare more meals at home. Nearly as many, 77 percent, said they’ll buy more sale items, and 63 percent plan to buy more store brands. On the brown-bagging front, 71 percent said they’ll pack a lunch to eat at work. And maybe the American diet will improve, as 53 percent said they’ll be buying fewer snack foods. Just 32 percent said they’ll buy less meat.

One other info morsel: Among respondents who aim to economize by changing the foods they put in their kids’ school lunches, 76 percent said they will “buy fewer prepackaged lunches.”