When Can You Start?

If you’ve given yourself several years’ lead time in your job search, give Deutsch a call. They seem to be hiring already for 2007.

In the ad shown here, created by Munn Rabôt for the New York Institute of Technology, Brittney Tyler, a freshman at the school, alerts Donny Deutsch that she’ll be ready for a job when she graduates three years from now. Deutsch saw the ad in The New York Times and was soon interviewing Tyler (with help from Power Lunch co-host Bill Griffeth) live on CNBC.

“This is the best kind of advertising, because it goes one-to-one,” Deutsch said. Aside from letting a few Bushisms fly (“There’s no happiness if you’re not going to work every day and you’re not going to be happy”), Tyler was suitably complimentary of the business, and it paid off. “I would like to officially, on air, tell Brittney that in 2007 we’re going to be saving a slot for her in the Deutsch account-executive training program,” Deutsch said. “So, Brittney, keep up the good work.”

Peter Rabôt, the agency’s creative director, says Tyler was cast “mostly because of the way she looked. But I thought she came across well.” Other ads in the campaign speak to directors Sophia Coppola and Steven Spielberg and architects Richard Meier and David Childs. For the next wave of ads, “we’d love to have Bill Gates,” Rabôt says. “And I think he’ll say yes. But the thing is, he’s just really hard to get a hold of.”