Wheelhouse Unveils Campaign

Wheelhouse Corp. is launching its first ad campaign, an effort that touts its services to Fortune 1000 companies looking for help with Internet market strategies.

There is no tagline for the campaign, which emphasizes the intertwining of marketing and technology. One ad asks, “Are technology and marketing ever going to get married? Or are they just sleeping together?” The ads from Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, Boston, focus on the client’s 200 marketers and technologists who understand both marketing and technology and can make e-marketing strategies work. Ads seek to communicate that Wheelhouse wants to help B2B companies that are unsure how to proceed in the complex online marketplace.

The Burlington, Mass., marketing services company is only one year old, but already has more than 40 client companies.

Three print ads break this month in publications such as The Industry Standard, Publish, CIO, and Information Week. An Online campaign has been launched on RedHerring.com, Forbes.com, TheStan-dard.com and other sites.

Jonathan Plazonja, creative director and copywriter, worked on the campaign along with art director Todd Riddle. Brian Carty, chief executive at Wheelhouse, joined the company from Hill, Holliday.