The Wheel Thing

Los Angeles-based Dailey & Associates has completed a 60-second TV spot reminiscent of another era for a new Honda motorcycle called the Shadow Aero.
Slated to break in December, the spot was shot and edited to resemble an old newsreel.
Dailey enlisted post-production studio Bedlam, also in Los Angeles, to help create the black-and-white vintage newsreel effect. Bedlam’s William Bullen was the editor.
The scenes were shot in color, but the studio removed the chroma from the film in telecine. Scratches, flutter and grain were added to complete the look.
The spot shows an announcer unveiling the the motorcycle to a crowd of reporters. As a model shows off the bike, the announcer describes its wider handlebars, deluxe floorboards and sleek exhaust pipe.
He concludes, “It’s full speed ahead for the bike of tomorrow.” The bike is seen circling a globe at the end. –Angela Dawson