What’s triggering reviews these days? Well, along

What’s triggering reviews these days? Well, along with perennial factors such as unhappiness with strategic thinking and creative work, some 110 client executives who responded to a recent study cited a “lack of proactivity” by their shops and a desire for multiple ideas on new projects.

No big surprises there. What is surprising is that some 41 percent of the respondents also said they either “look forward to” or “enjoy” the process of looking for a new agency—which may say something about their dissatisfaction with incumbents. “It’s no wonder that almost half of all agency-client relationships last less than two years,” said Mark Sneider, U.S. managing director at Reardon Smith Whittaker, the brand consultancy that conducted the U.S. New Business Report study.

In October, RSW e-mailed 17 questions to chief marketing officers, senior brand managers and vice presidents of marketing at companies that spend anywhere from $2 million to $5.8 billion annually on marketing in the U.S. The respondents included General Motors, Unilever, General Electric, Diageo, Sony, Samsung, Heineken, Xerox, Sara Lee and Hilton.

Fifteen of the questions were multiple choice; the others asked how shops can improve their presentations and marketing efforts. Among the more blunt responses were, “Cut the crap. Be honest, be clear, cut the industry buzzwords,” and “I don’t care about your slick, rehearsed new-business team. I want to see and hear from the people who will be on my business every day.” Others urged agencies to listen more and talk less about themselves. “It’s about the client, not the agency,” said one. “We don’t care about your internal processes.”Go to Adweek.com for full report.