Here’s a product that could be a new Jewish culinary tradition, along with matzo balls, kosher meats and seder meals.

A new beer brand, He’Brew—The Chosen Beer, is plugged in several new outdoor ads from Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners West in San Francisco. The hilarious ads (the first for the client) are running in Northern California and are based around Jewish culture—with copy presented in Hebrew-accented letters.

The work sports phrases such as “Perfect for bar mitzvahs, weddings and circumcisions.” Postcards with these messages are also being produced.

“One of the things about my beer is that it ties into Jewish tradition in a sincere way,” said Jeremy Cowan, owner of the aptly named Schmaltz Brewing Co. in San Francisco.

Agency officials said the campaign was a labor of love. Perhaps they were trying to get free samples of Genesis Ale and Messiah Stout, two other beers offered by the company.

Oh, and by the way—beer is kosher.