What’s In A Name?

The singer and guitar player launched his after-hours career in a Minneapolis club when, on a dare, he took to the stage during happy hour after playing guitar for little more than seven months, or 213 days.
Cawley decided to title his act just that. And since his debut was so warmly received, he decided to learn to play in the public eye, changing the act’s name to reflect the number of days he has been playing guitar, he said.
Cawley doesn’t hide his moonlighting ways from his employer: Boston-based PSK hosted 718 Days during its holiday party.
Cawley also released a CD titled 776 Days: An Album of Rock and Roll recorded at Mortal Music in Charlestown, Mass. Because the name of his band changes with each performance, Cawley explained, the title of its future releases will remain the same, except for the number of days, of course.
–Sarah Jones