What’s My Line?

Finding the right employees can be every bit as difficult as finding the right clients. Everyone is looking for a perfect fit.
Fallon Worldwide, through the redesigned Web site it is testing, hopes to take some of the guesswork out of recruiting with an online questionnaire designed to help their human resources department get a better handle on the applicant behind the rEsumE. In addition to the traditional name, address and phone number sections, the application includes questions like, “If you were a television talk show host, who would you have on your show?”
“It’s so we can see the expression of their ‘brand’ back at us, as it were,” said Kathy Spraitz, Fallon’s HR director.
Spraitz said the questions are “not a calculated psychological test,” But they do give a chance for all applicants, including account people, to showcase their creative abilities.
Answers to the talk show question so far have included historical figures, newsmakers and odd pairings such as Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey, she said. If you’re interested and think you have a good answer, act quickly; the questions are expected to change periodically to keep the site fresh, she said.
–Aaron Baar