What’s In An Agency Name?

Where was some confusion at last week’s Greenville, S.C., Addys. The seven awards and six citations won by local shop Woofgang were presented instead to an unknown entity with the combustible label Brains on Fire.
Word in the South Carolina ad community was that Woofgang, which has gone through several permutations and identities via buyouts and mergers in the past few years, had changed its name yet again. According to Woofgang public relations representative Karen White, Brains on Fire is a new creative-only think tank that will stand alone. It is owned by Woofgang, but does not supplant that operation.
Calls to a variety of telephone numbers attributed to Woofgang, however, were all answered with the new agency name.
Regarding the new “hot” moniker, “We wanted something that’s highly descriptive of . . . our smart and passionate work,” White explained.
We haven’t been this confused since Prince changed his name.
–T.W. Siebert