What This Agency CEO Is Doing to Keep D&I Top of Mind

Some of Monique Nelson's best advice: "Learn what you don't like"

Editor: Josh Rios
Headshot of Nadine Dietz

Now enjoying the top job at a full-service multicultural advertising agency, Monique Nelson has learned throughout her career to do things she doesn’t like. In fact, that’s a piece of advice she gives out all the time to those she meets inside and outside Uniworld Group, where she is chairman and CEO.

“Learn what you don’t like,” Nelson told us for this episode of Top of Mind. “You want to stay in a place that makes you happy and makes you fulfilled.”

With the firm is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Nelson is excited about how far her team has come in its evolution to bring truly inclusive strategies to brands. And what’s truly top of mind for Nelson these days is both the challenge and promise of AI in helping to bring more representative stories to the forefront.

“It’s adding more voices to the table. How do we bring more perspectives and allow people to tell those stories? With technology, we’re allowed to do that.”

nadine.dietz@adweek.com Nadine Dietz is chief community officer at Adweek and host of the CMO Moves podcast.