What Porsche’s Super Bowl Ad Actually Means for Porsche

For the 72-year-old luxury-performance brand, there are many reasons to launch an electric vehicle now.

In Porsche's Super Bowl spot, the Taycan holds its own with its legendary forebears. Porsche

Tonight’s Super Bowl ad for Porsche—60 seconds of twisty roads, growling engines and epic driving created by agency Cramer-Krasselt—was pretty much the sort of sleek production you’d expect from a pricey German nameplate equipped to buy into America’s priciest air time. But while “The Heist,” which featured security guards in hot pursuit of a thief who’d stolen a new Taycan Turbo S from the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, was good fun, it was also a monumental step for Porsche that, like many of its competitors, finds itself in a fast-changing market.

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