What Mountain Dew Learned from 'DEWmocracy'

Mountain Dew this week unveiled a new flavor, White Out, which beat out two other flavors—Typhoon and Distortion—in stage two of the beverage brand’s digital initiative. Dubbed “DEWmocracy 2,” the campaign significantly helped increase Mountain Dew’s social media presence on platforms like Facebook, said Brett O’Brien, marketing director for the PepsiCo-owned beverage. (“DEWmocracy 2” kicked off last year, with voting for the winning flavor concluding this month. It builds on a previous campaign, “DEWmocracy 1.”) Consumers generated word-of-mouth buzz about the brand, in many cases, without any incentives—something O’Brien sees as being crucial to long-term engagement with fans. In an interview with Brandweek, O’Brien discussed the results of both “DEWmocracy” campaigns, and how, moving forward, social media and crowdsourcing will play a bigger role in the brand’s innovation.