What Mothers Do to Stay Solvent

We know many people have been trying to economize. But what have their priorities been? Focusing on mothers with kids under age 18, a poll last month by Allen & Gerritsen determined a ranking of behaviors respondents have changed the most in the past year.

Atop the list was “how I manage my household budget,” followed by “how I buy food,” “how I make financial decisions,” “how I manage home energy needs,” “how I seek medical care” and “how I handle childcare needs.”

Sixty-five percent believe they’ve “eliminated anything I don’t feel is absolutely necessary for my lifestyle.” This doesn’t tell us how necessary that “lifestyle” itself is, of course. For what it’s worth, 62 percent of respondents think they’re less greedy than the average American. But that may be faint self-praise, as 58 percent think the average American is “too greedy.”