What Clicks Worldwide?

Rich media can help lift click-through—but only a little

Everyone knows that click-through rates on banner advertising are appallingly low, measured in tiny fractions of a percent these days. Dull old email gets click-through on average in the U.S. of 5 percent or so, and even direct mail response rates still hover around 3 percent, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

To be fair, those formats usually require some sort of opt-in, but, even so, targeted display advertising is struggling to deliver the returns that were widely expected. One solution banner advertisers have sought is to use rich media in their ads. That lifts click-through a little, unless you are using video ads to tempt Belgians into restaurants, in which case it lifts it a lot.

International click-through rates, %, 2010      
Country: Average rate on standard banners: Average rate on rich media (expandable banner): Exceptional rate on advertising for:



News/media (0.6, banner)

Sweden 0.73 0.45 Apparel (0.8, banner)
Belgium 0.13 0.7 Restaurants (7.99, rich media)
Italy 0.08 0.77 Auto (1.02, rich media)
Portugal 0.08 0.54 Tech/Internet (2.3, rich media)
Argentina 0.1 0.2 Gaming (1.5, banner)
Poland 0.14 0.27 Health and beauty (1.9, rich media)
The Netherlands 0.1 0.77 Retail (1.8, rich media)
Greece 0.08 1.0 Consumer packaged goods (1.01, rich media)
Brazil 0.11 0.33 News media (5.07, Rich Media)
SOURCE: Based on data on 500 billion impressions served up globally by Mediamind