What Brands and CEOs Can Learn From Elon Musk’s FOMO-Creating Appearance on Clubhouse

The app didn't break Tesla's brand

elon musk clubhouse
Elon Musk made a spillover appearance that included a big guest. Elon Musk; BRITTA PEDERSEN/Getty Images, Clubhouse; NurPhoto/Getty Images

It was a watershed moment for Clubhouse. The app’s servers trembled under the weight of tens—if not hundreds—of thousands of listeners flocking to the platform simultaneously to hear Tesla founder Elon Musk talk. Members briefly panicked when the “room” he was speaking in quickly filled to its 5,000-listener capacity and bounced people trying to get in. Within 10 minutes, “overflow” rooms started popping up that Clubhouse piped Elon into. The platform malfunctioned but managed not to collapse. 

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