What the #%@?!

Eric Kiker, freelance copywriter and admitted potty-mouth, is well aware that he offended people recently while addressing the ad club in Albuquerque, N.M. In fact, he’s pretty damn proud of it.

How else to explain the 44-year-old adman’s recent news release, which carried the headline, “Freelancer E. Kiker speaks to, curses at, New Mexico ad club”? In it, Kiker dutifully notes that he peppered his 50-minute speech with “86 slang references” and insulted everyone in advertising (creatives were “whiny twits,” agency presidents were “money-grubbing pig boys,” etc.). As for any of the 100 attendees who might have been offended, Kiker says he told them to “leave quietly so no one else misses any of the really funny shit.”

Kiker makes no apologies for his behavior, but he concedes that he is em bittered by his abrupt dismissal after 13 years from Denver agency Thomas & Perkins (now called Power Plant). He says the news release, which was sent to ad agencies as well as newspapers, may help him land freelance work or perhaps even speaking engagements. “It tells people I’m a fun guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously,” Kiker says. Equally important, he says he wants other people to lighten up. “You have to like what you’re doing, otherwise it becomes a fucking job.”