WGN-TV Seeks National Image

WGN seeks to promote its image as a national superstation in markets outside Chicago with a new logo and a campaign from Attik, a San Francisco agency with headquarters in London.

Eight spots for the Chicago-based broadcaster, which is owned by the Tribune Co., break this week, but will air on a wider basis beginning in January, said Will Travis, president of Attik in the U.S.

The push is part of an effort to make WGN-TV a national brand, as the network seeks to compete with outlets such as TBS. “The goal is not to be from Chicago,” said Michael Brouder, director of creative services at WGN Superstation. The campaign is aimed at consumers, advertisers and cable operators, Brouder said.

WGN’s Channel 9 in Chicago is also getting a new logo, but is not part of the Superstation branding effort.

Attik was chosen over two West Coast production companies in the fall, Brouder said. The agency shot the spots in Sydney, Aus tralia, this fall, collecting footage used to create the eight spots now set to air.

“We’ve created a look that isn’t just good for a season, it’s good for a longer term,” Travis said. “The loyalty and support [WGN] gets locally is what we want to translate elsewhere.”

WGN broadcasts sports events, including Chicago Bulls, Cubs and White Sox games, in addition to syndicated shows and films. The breadth of programming made creating an ad campaign difficult, Travis said.

“They have a huge cross-section of the community that watches it for different reasons,” said Garry Jacques, design director for Attik in the U.S.

The TV spots shot feature a variety of people and activities, dan cing, tumbling, even “a girl with a chainsaw hacking a piece of ice,” said Jacques. Each spot is meant to underscore a particular aspect of WGN programming. For example, a spot that makes you smile highlights the station’s sitcoms, Brouder said.

The work is tagged, “Get it all,” and will air during WGN programming. Spending was not disclosed.