WestWayne Loses Another Close One in Hardee’s

Cliff Freeman and Partners whipped WestWayne and TBWA\Chiat\Day to win the estimated $80 million Hardee’s account.

The Martin Agency in Richmond, Va., dropped out of the race for the Rocky Mount, N.C.-based fast-food franchiser’s account before the final round.

The call was another bitter defeat for WestWayne of Atlanta and Tampa, Fla., which recently lost the closely contested Cingular Wireless review.

“All the agencies were on target strategically,” said Brad Haley, Hardee’s executive vice president of marketing. “So it came down to a creative shootout. Cliff Freeman presented something special.”

He would not comment on strategy nor what any of the agencies presented.

Haley joined Hardee’s from Atlanta-based Church’s Chicken, whose $10 million account had been at Cliff Freeman in New York. Last week, that account moved to Atlanta’s BaylessCronin (see story on page 7).

The current Hardee’s campaign, created by incumbent Johnson Urkopina in Irvine, Calif., features jingles sung by artists such as Boyz II Men and Smokey Robinson. That agency did not participate in the review. “We were looking for an agency with the size and capabilities to handle an account this complicated,” Haley said.

Hardee’s, a division of CKE Restaurants in Anaheim, Calif., has about 3,000 locations across the U.S. Many are concentrated in the South and Midwest, so any campaign will have to appeal to consumer sensitivities in those regions.

A criticism of Cliff Freeman’s Church’s work was that its television spots—one featured a man showing up naked at his fiancée’s family dinner—were too risqué for Deep South sensibilities.

Jordan Associates in Oklahoma City; Keller Crescent in Evansville, Ind.; and Lewis Advertising in Rocky Mount share media duties for Hardee’s.