Westwayne Does Its Parts

WestWayne of Atlanta this week breaks a new television spot for NAPA that continues to use offbeat humor to sell the brand.
Having spoofed the country’s Titanic-mania in a recent parody, the shop this time focuses on what happens to vehicles that do not use reliable parts.
The 30-second ad opens on a battered pickup delivering newspapers at a snail’s pace as an old man waits impatiently in his front yard. The paper eventually finds its way to the old man’s feet, but there’s a catch: it’s yesterday’s newspaper.
A voiceover then plugs NAPA’s Truckin’ and Toolin’ sweep-stakes that offers a new pickup as a prize. The souped-up truck finds its way into the spot’s final shot–driven by the same delivery guys, who toss another paper at the perturbed man’s feet.
“Tomorrow’s paper?” he mutters as the truck speeds up the road.
The commercial is slated to air during broadcast coverage of car races, including the NAPA AutoCare 500 Winston Cup event.
–Steve Krajewski