Westin Wants to Help You Unwind From the Harsh Realities of Travel With Wellness

Global campaign focuses on health and well-being

As Airbnb continues to expand and flourish, it's more important than ever for traditional hotel chains to offer exclusive experiences and unique brand positioning. Over the past few years, Westin has staked its claim on wellness, redesigning its hotels and visual identity to focus on well-being and introducing workout gear lending programs and health-focused menus. This week, Westin is launching a new global ad campaign by Venables Bell & Partners that's centered on its wellness message, its first such campaign since 2011.

The campaign, "Let's Rise," shows how Westin can help business travelers decompress from the stresses of travel by working out, getting a good night's sleep or ordering from Westin's superfoods menu, which includes antioxidant-rich ingredients like blueberries, broccoli and soy. One print ad says, "Take back what Seat 34E took from you," and a TV ad says, "Traveling well and eating well can go hand in hand."

According to Westin's survey of 8,000 travelers, 68 percent said they exercise less while traveling, and 71 percent reported having trouble maintaining their daily routines on the road. The new ads emphasize how Westin will help keep them on track.

"The campaign shows the real experience of travelers when they're on the road and the control they lose by the disruption of travel and how we're empowering them to pursue their wellness," said Brian Povinelli, svp and global brand leader for Westin. "Everyone's been there, and they can relate to that feeling. We're showing the way we combat that with the wellness activities you can pursue at Westin hotels."