West Will Bring Out The Best of Biscuitville

Biscuitville, a family-owned chain of 42 fast-food restaurants, has moved its in-house advertising business to West & Vaughan in Durham, N.C., after a review of local agencies. The account bills $2 million.
West & Vaughan bested Kothe Howard, Charlotte, N.C., and Bouvier Kelly, Greensboro, N.C., which held the business before it went in-house five years ago.
The 22-year-old chain recently hit the $30 million sales mark and decided to scrutinize its marketing. “We reached that fine line where it’s not effective and efficient to do it in-house anymore,” said Kellie James, Biscuitville’s marketing and advertising manager. The Graham, N.C., client was looking for an agency with research analysis capabilities.
“[West & Vaughan has] an outstanding track record when it came to the analytical side,” James said. “And then their creative was unbelievable.”
Before West & Vaughan dives into creative work for Biscuitville, the agency’s first food-service account, it will tackle existing research and market data. Still, agency principal Tom Vaughan feels safe to make one recommendation already: that Biscuitville “take advantage of the unique niche they have and not [try] to be all things to all people.”
While its competitors Hardee’s and Bojangles’ Restaurants remain open late into the evening, Biscuitville serves only breakfast and lunch, closing at 2 p.m. each day. Another fast-food anomaly: Biscuitville biscuits are made fresh every 20 minutes while customers watch. “You never buy something that has been sitting around,” Vaughan said. “That’s a position we think we can make clear to the consumer.”
The current tagline–“From the best of the biscuitmakers”–was developed internally and will be scrapped. Along with a new tag, West & Vaughan will create print, radio, outdoor, direct mail and possibly television messages. “We have done [TV] occasionally in some of our smaller markets recently,” James said. “The last big run of TV was about a year ago.”
Originally founded as Pizzaville in 1970, Biscuitville has locations in North Carolina and Virginia and is opening four or five restaurants per year.