We’re Going To Pump You Up

Like Jack Palance doing push-ups at the Academy Awards, Leo Burnett last week showed it has some muscle despite its 63 years.
The theme for the agency’s anniversary celebration this year was “63 and pumped.” In keeping with tradition, each employee received $1 for each year Burnett’s doors have been open. With 8,400 employees globally, the birthday outlay almost matched the $600,000 Burnett had in billings during its first year of operation.
In keeping with the theme, the money was delivered to Chicago employees in exercise bags. But there was more: The fitness motif carried over to an anniversary luncheon for the nearly 2,000 Chicago staffers. Bodybuilders joined top executives for the cheerleading session, with Kate Lynch, vice president and director of media research, at one point being hoisted into one strongman’s arms. –Scott Hume