Wendy Returns in Freeman’s Snapple Ads

NEW YORK A new Snapple campaign that brings back Wendy the Snapple Lady as a voiceover will break on Jan. 17 and introduce two flavors, the company said.

The first work from new Snapple agency, MDC Partners’ Cliff Freeman and Partners in New York, uses real people being interviewed about the attributes of Snapple [Adweek, Oct. 25] and each other.

In one, a private investigator named “Vicki” praises Diet Snapple Apple, saying it doesn’t taste like a diet drink. The voiceover of Wendy cuts in to thank Vicki for her thoughts and then introduces two of her neighbors—a couple that says she’s such a good detective she could probably find Atlantis.

“The best flavors on Earth, made for the best people on Earth” is the campaign’s tagline. Diet Plum-A-Granate Iced Tea and Diet Lemonade Iced Tea are the two new flavors featured in the advertising.

The campaign encompasses six TV spots, radio, online, promotions and events. For example, some 25 Snapple employees will ring the closing bell of the New York Stock Exchange today with Jack Belsito, who is president of Snapple Distributing Co.

Cliff Freeman won the estimated $15 million account in May without a review from Interpublic Group’s Deutsch in New York, which continues to handle public relations duties.

In a statement, Cadbury Schweppes America vp of marketing resources Steve Jarmon said, “Snapple traditionally concentrates its core advertising dollars in the warm weather months when our consumers are concerned about their diet and overall wellness, especially at the start of the New Year. The ads will debut now during the winter months when our consumers are thirsting for variety in their choice of diet beverages.”

Cliff Freeman, CEO of the agency that bears his name, said in a statement, “Snapple has always prided itself on connecting with its consumers. This campaign allows Snapple to involve real fans and give something back by returning the compliment to them.”