Overall Billings Growth: Down 0.4% to $920 million: (grade D+)
Clients Lost: Sunoco, Mobil’s Hefty Bags, Loehmann’s: (grade B-)
New Clients: Reckitt & Colman, Chase Vista Mutual Funds, Seagram: Godiva, Somers Gin, Quest: (grade D+)
Growth From Current Clients: Down 2.1% or $19 million: (grade D)
Creativity: Chase and IBM are classy, but the agency still hasn’t achieved the goal it set in ’91 to be the best in every category: (grade B)
Management Savvy: ‘Disruption’ in 1992 applied better to the end of some long agency/client relationships than to new direction from French parent: (grade C)
Teacher’s Comments: Alka Seltzer Plus loss last month is yet more proof that this shop is still casting about for its own point of difference.
Overall Grade: C
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