Weiss, Whitten Works Out

Homemade is the best way to describe Weiss, Whitten, Stagliano’s new campaign for a New York health club.
The campaign was shot inside the Printing House Fitness and Racquet Club and features actual trainers and agency staffers.
Each poster depicts a male trainer hovering over an exerciser. In one, the trainer is dressed up like a lion tamer. In another (shown here), he appears as a uniformed drill sergeant. The third is a swami, with a turban on his head and a fake cobra nearby.
The swami blows into a wind instrument as a woman starts a sit-up, the sergeant fixates on creative supervisor Jeff Compton in mid-push-up and the lion tamer gives agency receptionist Andri Antoniades an incentive to stretch a leg. There is no common tagline. Plans call for transit posters, post cards, a newsletter, even a T-shirt, said account manager Belgies Anan. Marty Weiss was the creative director; Jerry LaStarza, the art director; and Ian Caplan, the copywriter.
–Andrew McMains