Weight Watchers wants to be seen less as a plan

Weight Watchers wants to be seen less as a plan or a destination and more as a long-term way of eating that can be integrated into consumers’ lifestyles, sources said. (Low-carb plans traditionally require a more radical change in eating habits). But the brief the finalists were given was described by one source as “pretty broad,” allowing the contenders latitude in determining how to drive memberships. The client is looking for a shop that can provide a broad array of marketing services, including non-traditional tactics. Revenue is estimated to be in the $5-8 million range. The key decision maker is CEO Huett, a Weight Watchers employee since 1984. Others involved include chief brand officer Miriam Jordan Keane; North American COO Thilo Semmelbauer; and two executives from The Invus Group, the investment adviser of Artal Luxembourg, which owns 94 percent of Weight Watchers. Final presentations are set for Nov. 8. Last week the company confirmed that Eliot Glazer, vp of marketing for North America, left to pursue “other business opportunities,” but added that his exit would not interrupt the pitch process.