Weetabix Ads Tout New Flavors

Outdoor ads for Weetabix cereal from KPC Christopher Thomas tout two new flavors as well as its snacking potential.

The campaign introduces Banana bix and Frutibix, new variations on the original whole-wheat Weetabix cereal, to U.S. markets. Ads are ex pected to break in January. The campaign will include radio, outdoor and online components.

One ad pictures the cereals side by side and includes the headline, “A split personality has never been so appealing.” A bubble coming out of one box reads, “We’re cereal,” while a bubble coming out of the other box reads, “We’re snacks.”

Most recently the tagline “The crunch that gets you to lunch” has been used in Weetabix ads, but the new effort is not tagged, a move that allows the copy in the dialogue balloons to deliver the “cereal/snacks” message, said Leo Rice, svp of Bos ton’s KPC Christopher Thomas.

Spending will be about $1 million, said Rice, whose shop has worked with Weetabix since the agency’s founding 26 years.

More extensions of the Weetabix line are anticipated, likely to be supported by further executions from the agency, Rice said.

Weetabix headquarters are located in Kettering, England. U.S. operations are based in Clinton, Mass.

Separately, St. Louis-based Kupper Parker Communications last week completed its acquisition of the shop, formerly named Christopher Thomas. “We now can bring more resources to existing clients as well as new ones,” Rice said. Terms were not disclosed.