This Week’s Must Haves: Polaroid’s Socialmatic Is the Instagram Logo IRL

 This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting must-have items including selfie-ready powder, an emoji keyboard and a camera that brings Polaroid into the social media realm. Take a look! 


Polaroid Socialmatic camera $299

Once upon a time, Polaroid was the real-life equivalent of Instagram, providing would-be photographers with (almost) instant gratification. These days, the classic Polaroid camera has become an antiquated novelty, favored mostly by octogenarians and Urban Outfitters shoppers. But the company, it seems, isn't ready to fade into oblivion just yet, having recently released a camera that aims to bring Polaroid technology into the social media age. The Socialmatic—which looks like an Instagram logo brought to life—is an Android-based, 14-megapixel digital camera with an LCD touchscreen and WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth connectivity. After snapping a photo, users can either post it directly to their preferred social media platform or print a 2-by-3-inch copy right from the camera itself using Polaroid's Zero-Ink technology.

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The Level by FluidStance $389

So you finally got yourself a standing desk. Congratulations. But according to Santa Barbara, Calif.-based fitness startup FluidStance, you're still not doing enough to ensure optimal workplace health. Enter The Level, a small wooden and aluminum platform designed to be stood upon while working. The board's uneven surface keeps your lower legs in constant motion, providing a workout that's more or less the equivalent of walking. The movement is subtle enough that it won't disrupt your work. The company's lab testing showed no statistical difference in typing errors between someone using The Level and someone sitting in a chair.

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Meccano Home collection, around $262 for a chair

Indulge your childhood love of construction sets in a more age-appropriate fashion with the Meccano Home collection. The French toy company (which sells its products under the Erector Set name in the U.S.) has produced a line of supersized parts that can be used to build everything from tables and chairs to desks and shelving units—then taken apart and reconfigured into something completely new. It's like Ikea, but without the inevitable nervous breakdown.

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Too Faced #Tfnofilter Selfie Powders $36

Post a true #nofilter selfie with the help of this Too Faced powder trio, which claims to mimic the effects of your favorite Instagram filters. The yellow-tinted Sunrise brings a "brightening diffused warmth" to the face, while Totally Toasted provides a "bronzed smoothing glow" and the lavender Moon River adds a "cool ethereal light."

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Sperry x Gray Malin the Authentic Original Lisbon Umbrella Boat Shoe $88

Sperry Top-Sider, the unofficial shoe brand of preps everywhere, has teamed up with photographer Gray Malin for the ultimate in vacation-ready footwear. The limited-edition collection—which includes canvas boat shoes, lace-ups and slip-on sneakers printed with aerial images of beaches in Lisbon, Sicily and Cape Town—was inspired by Malin's pictures of his own Sperry-clad feet dangling from helicopters during various photo shoots.

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The Emoji Keyboard $15

Emoji users know all too well the frustration of not being able to easily type their favorite cat faces and weird Japanese desserts on a regular computer keyboard. Luckily, the folks at Disk Cactus, an Oakland, Calif.-based art and technology studio, have taken to Kickstarter to crowdfund a silicone keyboard cover that provides quick access to more than 150 emojis. Users can toggle between the standard alphanumeric and emoji keys by pressing the caps lock button—but with an endless supply of smiling poops at your disposal, who really needs letters?

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