This Week’s Must-Haves: A Glass Speaker Designed to Impress Even the Snobbiest Audiophile

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting a connected, self-watering pot to help you achieve the perfect seedlings, a stylish way to protect your new iPhone 7 and more. Take a look!


Leica Sofort Camera, $299

Instant cameras are on the rise, and now Leica is getting into the game with the brand-new Sofort series. Available in three different colors (white, orange and turquoise), the Sofort takes color or black-and-white photos on Leica's new Instax format film. (It's also compatible with the widely available Fujifilm version.) Choose from eight different shooting modes—including action, macro and party—or manually fine-tune the camera's settings to your liking. There's even a mirror on the front of the camera to ensure a perfect selfie every time.

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Parrot Pot, $149

Perfect for frequent travelers, Parrot's new connected, self-watering pot has four built-in sensors that measure sunlight, fertilizer level, temperature and ground humidity to provide the perfect amount of water for your seedlings. A built-in "plant sitter" mode can keep them hydrated for up to a month.

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Case-Mate Custom Naked Tough, $40

Protect your new iPhone 7 in one-of-a-kind style with Case-Mate's custom kits. Each includes a dual-layer impact- and shock-resistant case, plus more than 250 emoji stickers, letters, studs, jewels and more for creating a personalized work of art.

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Wipebook Pro, $50

You'll never again run out of space for your brilliant ideas with Wipebook, a full-size leather notebook with reusable pages. Like a whiteboard, each of Wipebook's 10 pages is designed to be written on with erasable markers and can be wiped clean. Thanks to anti-smudge technology, your scribbles will stay put until you're ready for a blank slate.

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HP Pavilion Wave, $599

While most desktop PCs favor function over form, HP's new Pavilion Wave computer marries the two in one compact package. On one side of the fabric-wrapped tower is the hard drive, another side holds the thermal system, and in a third side is the motherboard. There's also a built-in speaker from B&O Play for a high-quality audio experience.

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Sony Glass Sound Speaker, $799

Good-looking wireless speakers aren't hard to find, but audiophiles know that a high-end appearance doesn't always correspond with high-quality sound. Sony's new Glass Sound Speaker, however, manages to make an impression in both categories. Unveiled earlier this year at CES, the Bluetooth speaker's minimalist design incorporates a glass tube tweeter, translucent passive radiator and a two-inch woofer for powerful, 360-degree sound that can be doubled by connecting a second speaker. A warm, dimmable LED in the speaker's base mimics candlelight for a lantern-like effect.

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This story first appeared in the September 26, 2016 issue of Adweek magazine.
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