This Week’s Must-Haves: a DIY Jerky Kit

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting high-tech speakers, a DIY jerky kit and a silent guitar. Take a look!


Yamaha SLG200S Silent Guitar, $629

Guitar-playing apartment dwellers, take note: Thanks to Yamaha's Silent Guitar, your late-night jam sessions don't always have to end with angry calls from the neighbors. The pared-down instrument is barely audible when played live, but when plugged into a pair of headphones (or other line-out), it sounds like a full-bodied acoustic guitar. The recently released SLG200 series includes Yamaha's new SRT-powered technology, which adds even more realistic body resonance, tone and ambiance. The Silent Guitar is incredibly portable too, featuring a detachable top section that can be stowed in the included cabin-size carrying case.

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Arckit 60, $170

Perfect for the kids (or adults—we won't judge) who have outgrown their Legos, Arckit is a three-dimensional modular system that can be used to build intricate architectural models at 1:48 scale. The components are all reusable, so when you've finished building your dream house, you can smash it to pieces and start all over again.

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BeoLab 90 Speaker, $40,000

Have $80k to shell out on a pair of speakers? You could do a lot worse than the new BeoLab 90. Released in honor of Bang & Olufsen's 90th birthday, each 300-pound speaker holds 18 drivers and amplifiers in its wild-looking cabinet—that's 8,200 watts of power per channel. There are plenty of high-tech bells and whistles, like Active Room Compensation technology, which adjusts sound output to the composition of the room (including furniture placement and your own position relative to the speaker), and Beam Width Control, which lets you direct the sound to a specific spot—or let it blast from all 360 degrees.

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Circle with Disney, $99

Monitoring your smartphone-addicted children's Internet use can be a major task. Luckily, Disney has teamed up with tech startup Circle to launch a new wireless device that lets you easily control what platforms, apps and websites your kids are using—and when they're using it. Using the connected Circle app, you can set daily time limits for platforms like YouTube or Facebook, filter websites, set bedtimes for specific devices or even pause Wi-Fi access entirely when it's time to do homework.

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Fleishers Jerky Crafting Kit, $30

This holiday season treat your favorite carnivore to some delicious portable meat with a DIY jerky kit from cult New York butcher shop Fleishers. Each kit comes with everything you need to make jerky at home, including nonstick drying screens, spices and a cork oven-door stopper—all you have to add is the meat.

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Olloclip Macro Pro Lens, $70

Your iPhone camera may be great at taking selfies, but when it comes to close-up images, it leaves a lot to be desired. Olloclip's new Macro Pro Lens transforms your iPhone into a digital microscope or loupe to let you take super-sharp macro photographs. Each kit includes three different lenses—7x, 14x and 21x—with InstaFocus hoods that help collect and diffuse light to illuminate small objects.

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