This Week’s Must-Haves: a Cold Drip Coffee Maker That’ll Make You Feel Like a Mad Scientist

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting sleek gifts for your inner designer. Brew a beaker of cold brew, become a Lego architect, and then throw on a designer shirt that measures how many calories you burn. Take a look:


Yama Cold Brew Tower, $255

While it looks like something you'd find in the laboratory of a mad scientist, Yama's elaborate glass and wood tower is actually made for brewing cold coffee. The slow-drip method is time consuming—it takes between three and eight hours to make 32 ounces of concentrated coffee—but surprisingly easy. Just add ice and cold water to the top chamber, set the valve to drip and add dampened coffee grounds. Slow-drip devotees claim the process is more than worth it, yielding a beverage that's infinitely smoother than your typical cup of joe. Buy it:


The Lego Architect, $18

Get a crash course in architecture using everybody's favorite building blocks. The Lego Architect book explores the history of seven architectural styles, from neoclassical to high-tech, using intricate Lego models inspired by famous buildings around the globe. When you're ready to get hands-on, just follow the included step-by-step instructions to create your own works of architectural art. Buy it:


Popslate iPhone 6 Case, $129

Popslate gives new meaning to "second screen" by giving your iPhone an actual e-ink display on its back. After syncing with your phone via Bluetooth, the Popslate case can be customized to display any image imaginable (in grayscale, that is). Use it to show off a favorite photo or keep a boarding pass easily accessible—either way, the image will last far longer than your iPhone's battery life thanks to Popslate's super low-power screen. Buy it:


Podo Camera, $99

Turn any wall into a makeshift photo booth with the Podo, a tiny Bluetooth camera that sticks to nearly any surface using a reusable microsuction pad. Still photos or videos appear instantly on the Podo app, and a built-in LED ring provides a powerful flash in dark settings. It's also way cooler looking than a selfie stick. Buy it:


Ralph Lauren PoloTech Shirt, $295

Smart apparel gets a designer upgrade with Ralph Lauren's new PoloTech shirt, which was officially released to the public last week following its debut at last year's U.S. Open. The shirt uses silver fibers woven directly into its fabric plus an integrated accelerometer to measure the wearer's heart rate, breathing depth, calories burned and more, all of which is automatically streamed to your iPhone via Bluetooth. The connected PoloTech app will even tailor your workouts in real time using data captured by the shirt. Buy it:


Rareform Ace Backpack, $65

For the past three years, California-based Rareform has been turning ads into wearable works of art by using discarded billboard material to create upcycled accessories. All of the company's designs—like the backpacks shown here—are totally one-of-a-kind, and a portion of proceeds from sales goes to charities that support environmental conservation. Buy it:

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