This Week’s Must-Haves: Classic Speakers Get a Streaming Update

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting revamped Pod Speakers, a makeover for your sock drawer and a super fast mobile charger. Take a look! 


Pod Speakers, $800

In 1991, British artist Simon Ghahary designed a unique pair of speakers that eschewed the traditional box-shaped cabinet for a more acoustically friendly rounded form that minimized vibration and sound distortion. Twenty-five years later, the now iconic Pod Speakers have been revamped with modern music consumption in mind. The new version features Bluetooth and Sonos Connect:Amp compatibility so you can stream audio from any source.

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Nice Laundry Sock Drawer Makeover, $99

Could your sock drawer use a little spring cleaning? Let Nice Laundry take care of business with its signature Sock Drawer Makeover. You'll get to choose three packs of socks—including mid-calf, no-show and athletic versions in a variety of fun colors and patterns—for a total of 18 brand-new pairs. As for your old socks, Nice Laundry will provide a prepaid shipping label so you can send them off to be donated or recycled.

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Halo Home Emoji Cocktail Napkins, $48

Proving that "embroidered linen napkins" doesn't always translate to "something you'd find at your grandmother's," Halo Home is putting a new spin on the bar cart essential with fun emoji designs. In addition to the Emotional Rollercoaster collection seen here, the company offers napkins featuring emoji monkeys, junk food and, of course, cats.

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Thino Mobile Charger, $39

Claiming to be the "world's fastest mobile charger," Thino promises to power your device up to three times quicker than standard chargers by using an internal algorithm to identify the maximum current that your smartphone or tablet can draw from the power source. It also doubles as a backup battery, with enough juice to keep your device up and running for least two hours.

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Olympia Le-Tan Dizzie Bag, $925

Known for her cheeky takes on pop culture favorites, fashion designer Olympia Le-Tan pays homage to famous feline Hello Kitty in her spring collection. This mini cross-body bag will add a touch of childhood nostalgia—and lots of high-style cred—to any look.

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Chronos Smart Disk, $89

So you've been thinking about getting a smartwatch but can't bring yourself to give up your old-school timepiece. The solution: Chronos, a small disk that attaches to the back of any watch to make it smart. Chronos counts steps and calories, alerts you to calls and texts, finds your phone if it's been misplaced and even lets you know who's trying to get in touch with you via customizable vibration and light patterns.

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