This Week’s Must-Haves: a Vertical Turntable to Show Off Your Vinyl

This week, Adweek is highlighting a turntable that plays records vertically, headphones designed for sleeping, a 3-D printing pen and more. Take a look! 


Gramovox Floating Record Player, $399

While CDs are clearly a relic of a bygone era (otherwise known as the 2000s), vinyl is still going strong. According to Nielsen Music, vinyl sales rose 38 percent year over year in the first half of 2015. Record collectors looking to show off their favorite LPs will fall for Gramovox's new "floating" turntable, which spins 33 or 45 rpm records vertically. Listen through the turntable's built-in dynamic, full-range stereo speakers, or connect your own speakers for a custom audio setup.

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Bedphones, $59

Anyone who's ever fallen asleep while wearing plastic earbuds can tell you that they're definitely not made for nighttime use. Bedphones, however, are specifically designed to be worn while snoozing. Each super-thin pair is made from soft foam and moldable, rubber-coated wire, so you'll barely even notice them as you doze off to your favorite podcast.

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Nerdwax, $10

Tired of dealing with glasses that are constantly slipping down your nose? Try Nerdwax, an organic beeswax-based balm that helps keep your frames in place by creating a layer of friction between your glasses and skin. Just apply a thin layer of Nerdwax to the bridge of your glasses and they'll stay put for hours.

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MoMA Exclusive Red 3Doodler 2.0, $99

Let your inner artist loose with 3Doodler's 3-D printing pen, which lets you create anything imaginable using colorful plastic filaments that stay suspended in space as they cool. This MoMA-exclusive version comes in a snazzy metallic red case.

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Bow & Drape Sweatshirt, $58

Are you more comfortable expressing your feelings with emojis than with words? Bow & Drape's super-soft sequined sweatshirt will let everyone know you're ready to party—no explanation required.

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Polaroid Snap Camera, $99

Remember how exciting it was to actually hold a just-printed photograph in your hands? Polaroid's brand-new Snap camera lets you recapture that nostalgic feeling using decidedly modern technology. The retro-looking camera combines a 10 megapixel digital lens with ink-free Zero printing technology, plus a Micro SD card slot for transferring photos to your computer. Just point, click and print, and in under a minute, you'll have a crisp 2- by 3-inch photograph.

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