This Week’s Must-Haves: A Task Lamp That’s Sleek, Chic and Customizable

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting a task lamp that adapts to your work style, a smart home energy monitor, Philippe Starck-designed tracking devices and more. Take a look!


Fade Task Light, $250

The quality of light in your workspace might not be something you think about too often, but you certainly should: Both light temperature and brightness can alleviate (or exacerbate) eyestrain and fatigue. The minimalist Fade Task Light, built by San Francisco design firm Box Clever, lets you customize your light to suit your particular needs, from working on a computer to matching color swatches. A control pad on the lamp's rotating base shifts the 16 LEDs from warm to cool (2700K-5600K) and dim to bright (94-450 lumens), while its flexible steel backbone can be easily bent and repositioned thanks to integrated magnets that hold it in place.

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Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link, $600

Dyson's latest addition to its line of high-tech air treatment appliances, the Pure Hot+Cool Link is a triple threat that combines an app-controlled fan, heater and air purifier in one sleek package. It automatically removes 99.7 percent of airborne allergens and pollutants, according to the company, and syncs with the Dyson Link smartphone app to provide indoor and outdoor air quality reports.

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Wistiki Aha, $55

Bluetooth-tracking devices are everywhere, and now French startup Wistiki is upping the ante with a new collection of Philippe Starck-designed trackers that aren't just useful—they're stylish, too. The Aha is a colorful little gadget that was actually designed to be attached to a pet's collar, but can be connected to just about anything you don't want to lose. Use the Wistiki app to sound an alarm on the device if it's within 100 yards, or if it's out of range, find out its last known location and get alerts when another Wistiki user comes near.

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Pop Home Switch Starter Pack, $100

Streamline your connected home setup with Logitech's colorful Pop Switches. Compatible with devices from Philips Hue, Sonos, August, WeMo and many, many more, each Pop can be programmed to do anything from turning on the TV when you get home from work to automatically dimming lights and activating smart locks before bed.

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Sense Home Energy Monitor, $249

Looking to decode your monthly electric bill? The Sense energy monitor connects to the main breakers in your electric panel and identifies the unique electronic signature of each plugged-in device in your home to track its energy usage. Use the Sense app to identify trends, see which devices are sucking up power or get alerts if anything is turned on while you're out of the house.

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Beddi Alarm Clock, $100

Even if it's been years since you ditched your bedside clock for an iPhone alarm, the new feature-packed Beddi smart clock might have you reconsidering that decision. The app-controlled Beddi features a sunrise simulating wake-up light, white noise player, two Bluetooth speakers, USB charging ports and Spotify integration. A trio of customizable buttons can be programmed to provide weather and traffic reports, control smart home devices like Nest of Philips Hue or even call an Uber with a single tap.

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This story first appeared in the October 31, 2016 issue of Adweek magazine.
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