This Week’s Must-Haves: Nokia’s New Camera Brings VR Recording to the Masses

This week, Adweek is showcasing a Keurig that makes chilled drinks, a Birchbox Movember box and a chalkboard that streams music. Take a look!


Nokia Ozo Camera, Pricing TBD

Virtual reality might be the future of video, but at present, creating VR content can be prohibitively difficult. Nokia is aiming to make the process easier with Ozo, the first commercially available VR camera. The orb-shaped Ozo features eight synchronized global shutter cameras to capture 360-degree video, while its eight microphones record 3-D audio, so viewers can also hear their surroundings. Where the Ozo really excels is in its live-monitoring capability, which allows filmmakers to view footage in real time on a VR headset, and rapid playback feature, which produces a low-resolution version of the video in minutes rather than the usual hours.

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Leef iBridge Mobile Memory, $60 and up

When was the last time you tried to capture an important moment on your iPhone only to get the dreaded "Memory Full" alert? Make sure it never happens again with the Leef iBridge, an external drive that plugs into your iPhone's lightning port and adds up to 256 GB of extra storage. Using the iBridge app, you can record video or take photos directly onto the device, so you won't clog up your iPhone's memory. The iBridge also functions as a regular flash drive, holding everything from PDFs to TV shows. 

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Keurig Kold, $369

Since launching more than 15 years ago, the Keurig single-serve coffeemaker has become a staple of office break rooms and kitchens everywhere. Now, the company is looking to conquer the chilled-beverage market with its new Keurig Kold. Similar to the original, the Kold uses "pods" to make 8-ounce drinks (including Coca-Cola products), but thanks to a self-contained cooling system and "Karbonator" beads, they come out frosty and fizzy—no ice or CO2 canisters needed.

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Birchbox Man + Movember Box, $25

This month, Birchbox Man is teaming up with the Movember Foundation to help you get your stache in shape. The limited-edition Movember box, available to Birchbox Man subscribers or as a stand-alone purchase, includes shaving cream, beard oil, facial tonic and more from trendy brands like Harry's Razors and Proraso. In addition, Birchbox is also donating $25,000 to the Movember Foundation to help raise awareness for men's health causes.

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Soundwall Chalkboard, $599

Everything from your fridge to your lightbulbs are smart—why not your wall décor, too? Soundwall's innocuous-looking chalkboard is actually a giant speaker that can stream music from any app imaginable via Wi-Fi, so you can listen to your favorite songs while dashing off a grocery list.

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Withings Aura Connected Alarm Clock, $190

Wake up (or fall asleep) to your favorite tunes with Withings' new Spotify-connected Aura Alarm Clock. Choose from among your own Spotify playlists or use one of Withings' collections of songs specifically chosen to energize or relax you. The Aura also features a smart light that helps you wake up with a sunrise simulation in the morning, then lulls you to sleep at night with a melatonin-producing red light.

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