This Week’s Must-Haves: an iPad Dock That Turns Your Tablet Into a Mini Foosball Table

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting glasses that filter light from LED screens, a marble dock for your Apple Watch and a chic bottle humidifier. Take a look!


New Potato Classic Match Foosball Bluetooth Smart, $39

Ever wished you could transform your iPad into a fully functioning (well, almost fully functioning) foosball table? Turns out you're in luck. The folks at New Potato Tech have created an iPad dock that adds physical foosball controls to your touchscreen tablet. Just download the free Classic Match Foosball app, sync the dock via Bluetooth and get ready for kickoff with up to four players. The device's eight functional, two-axis control bars and physical scoring markers will make you feel like you're back in your childhood rec room, minus the shag carpet.

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DWR Cube Calendar, $40

Traditional wall calendars are so 2015. The Cube Calendar from Design Within Reach offers a more interactive experience with 365 paperboard chips that are removed one at a time to reveal the day's date, plus quotes and more. Watch the cube change shape as the year progresses.

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See Concept Screen C Glasses, $65

Even those with 20/20 vision know that staring at a screen all day can cause significant eye strain. That's why French company See Concept created a line of glasses with noncorrective lenses that filter out 40 percent of the blue light emitted by LED screens to help protect your eyes and even help you sleep better at night. Available in an array of frame shapes and colors, they're also a sharp sartorial statement.

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Native Union Dock for Apple Watch, $119

Display your precious Apple Watch in style with Native Union's limited-edition marble dock. Cut from solid white or black marble and hand polished, it's compatible with all watch sizes and straps, and when placed horizontally, automatically puts your device into Nightstand mode to become an equally elegant alarm clock.

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Time Hi Top Leather Slipper, $150

These high tops might look like regular sneakers, but in fact, they're actually super-comfy slippers. Each pair features flexible insoles made from the same material used in yoga mats and is lined in cozy (and moisture-wicking) wool. Stretch laces make them easy to slip on and off, and the leather molds to your feet as you wear them. They're even sturdy enough to be worn out of the house—just in case you can't bring yourself to put your regular shoes back on.

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11+ Bottle Humidifier, $99

Want to fight the dry winter air without compromising your carefully chosen interior décor? The Bottle Humidifier by Korean design company 11+ is so chic that you might find yourself displaying it year-round as an objet d'art. More importantly, it's effective, too. The USB-powered device is powerful enough to humidify any personal space, features an LED that displays its operating status and automatically shuts off after five hours of use.

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